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Who are our members?
Our membership includes people 50 and older from ALL walks of life. This includes (but is not limited to) execs looking to further and advance their careers, early retirees looking for new opportunities, others highly educated wanting to use their skills, and those that are just looking for a little bit extra to do.'s growing membership base includes successful people who want to remain active, former military, government, and education workers, as well as, folks who have been downsized, or others from industries that have retracted.
In short, members are self-motivated, knowledgeable, experienced, and looking for work!  And, because we protect their privacy, we boast a high caliber of talent you won't find anywhere else.
Gender: Work Hours: 
55% Male 45% Part-Time
  45% Female   55% Full-Time
Age: Geography:
  40% 50-55   25% East
  50% 56-65   20% Midwest
  10% 66+   20% West
      35% South 
  10% 12 or less    
  55% 13-16    
  35% 16+    
Here you'll find...
(1) Members seeking a range of opportunities from senior level positions to part-time openings. Members who want to stay in their field and others who want to transfer and use their skills in a new environment.
(2) Members seeking work in a plethora of areas.
Top categories are financial services, technology, education, sales, marketing, business services, office admin, management, customer service, security, merchandising, property management, training, travel-related services, data entry, entertainment, science, transportation, operations, logistics, and work-at-home opportunities.
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